YSS offers quality, brand name rental equipment, and a full service/repair scuba center. We want your diving experiences to be enjoyable and worry-free from equipment issues.

At YSS Dive we pump our own clean, filtered air from a powerful breathing air compressor and can provide air fills for high-pressure steel tanks. Are you a technical diver or rebreather diver in need of technical fills? We can help!


Please see below price list for details.

Gas  Price
Standard Air Fill $11.00
Air Fill Card/EAN Fill Card Discounted Rate (Inquire for Details)
Nitrox 22%-36% Air Fill $19.00
Small Deco Bottles 37-80% $20.00 (up to 40 CF)
Large Deco Bottles 37-80% $45.00 (up to 100 CF) 
Oxygen Bottles 81%-100%
Up to 40 cu/ft $25.00
Up to 100 cu/ft  $45.00
Tri-Mixtures O2+He
Up to 40 cu/ft $25.00
Up to 100 cu/ft $45.00
Helium  $3.00 per CF 
Argon $3.00 per CF ($5.00 minimum) 
Basic BCD Service plus parts $35.00
Leak Check/Quick Fix - Dry Suit $75.00
Regulator Service $35.00 per stage (plus parts)
Tank Annual Internal Inspection (w/air fill) $27.00
Tank Annual Internal Inspection (w/Nitrox fill) $37.00
Hydrostatic Test  $55.00
Tumble Required  $35.00
Tank Valve Rebuild  $50.00
Cylinder O2 and Visual Inspection (no parts)



We service most Regulator brands. Please inquire for specific brand questions. 

Full Service Drysuit Repairs available ~ Pricing is custom per repair.