Shore Dive Sites

By Land ~ Glen Ayr We have partnered with Glen Ayr - Discounted Air fills - Special Charters and Much more!! Nestled in the heart of the picturesque town of Hoodsport, Washington, Glen Ayr Motel and Resort offers an idyllic retreat for both locals and tourists seeking a peaceful getaway. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, thi... Find Out More

By Land ~ Sund Rock at Night YSS Dive and the Sund family together, will be offering exclusive night dive opportunities at Sund Rock Marine Preserve. A dive site we all know and love and is even more spectacular at night! Find Out More

By Land ~ Sund Rock YSS Dive is excited to announce once again a fantastic opportunity for diving enthusiasts! On January 1st, Sund Rock Marine Preserve will be FREE entry from YSS Dive, which is perfect for exploring a site that we all know and love. The site is even more spectacular when you can dive in for free! Find Out More

By Land ~ Mike's Beach Find Out More