12" Hermit Crab

12" Hermit Crab


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Part Number:322311 Manufacturer: The Petting Zoo

Hermit crabs love to hide under their shells, but this realistic stuffed animal hermit crab is ready to explore the wild with your little one. Decked out with an adorable hat, a bright red pattern and signature legs outstretched, this cute stuffed animal hermit crab is hard to resist. Give your little one a loyal companion with this hermit crab plushie made with durable stitching to endure indoor and outdoor play. Nothing excites children more than sea creatures, making this hermit crab animal plushie a great Christmas gift for kids. Combining play with Earth-sustaining practices, The Petting Zoo is committed to providing little ones with cute and cuddly plush toys that are made from recycled water bottles.

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