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Salt Water State Park - There are three large reefs here made of huge boulders with concrete pilings stacked on top like pick-up sticks. Each reef runs perpendicular from shore and ranges in depth from 30-90 fsw.

Large white buoys originally marked the four corners of the reefs, but only the southeast buoy was still in place last time I was there.

This is a fairly new site that should grow into one of the premiere south Sound dive sites in another year or two as the critters move in. There are already lots of rockfish and lingcod, as well as the occasional octo.


All divers will need to be prepared with all of their dive gear which should include the following: exposure suits, hood, gloves, fins, mask, tanks, weights, BCD, SMB, light and a towel.  Cameras are welcome—Please advise if anyone is bringing a camera.  Because we have limited space, no totes will be allowed on the boat.  We will have crates available under the benches to help organize each diver’s gear.  Also, we do ask that you bring your highest level of certification card such as Advanced, Rescue, Dive Master, etc. and your DAN Insurance card or number.

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