• By Sea ~ Goby Garden

By Sea ~ Goby Garden

Large rock formations,  a pinnacle, boulder pile,  shelves, and amazing wildlife. 

"Starting from the small cove north of the rock bluff, the Goby Gardens follow the contour of the bluff in a series of ledges that stair-step downward from 35' to 50'. Sand and cobble make up the substrate on the top of each of the ledges. They are home to colorful invertebrates and small fish - including the ever-present black-eyed goby.

This is a dual purpose dive site that presents itself for divers of all skill levels. Novice divers can explore the shallow ledges of Goby Gardens while Advanced divers who want to explore the deep can swim continue downward."  ~ cited text The Perfect Dive

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~2 Tank Dives ~ 

Meet at YSS Dive 24080 N HWY 101 Hoodsport, WA 98548 for a fun filled underwater adventure.  Park in the Port of Hoodsport Parking or the YSS Dive Parking lot and check-in inside YSS Dive. 

All divers will need to be prepared with or ready to rent all of their dive gear which should include the following: exposure suits, hood, gloves, fins, mask, regulator, tanks, weights, BCD, SMB, light and a towel.  Cameras are welcome and encouraged!  Because we have limited space, no totes will be allowed on the boat.  We will have crates available under the benches to help organize each diver’s gear.  Also, we do ask that you bring your highest level of certification card such as Advanced, Rescue, Dive Master, etc. and your DAN Insurance card or number.  

Reservations require payment in advance. Full refunds are made if cancellations are confirmed with minimum of 48 hours notice prior to reservation date. Contact us by phone or email to inquire about cancellation. Late Cancellations and No-Shows will result in forfeiture of payment.  

Customers may also receive a full refund or an opportunity to rebook on alternate date(s) in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. We Reserve the right to change locations due to weather and conditions.

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